Remember those hobbies you used to have? So do we. Sub-clubs are smaller groups of mamas within the MOB, who share a similar interest. Led by our Sub-club Coordinators, this is a great way to get some “ME” time and meet some wonderful ladies.  

Book Club – Are you a bookworm who likes to discuss what you’ve read? Book club is a lively group that meets monthly to discuss our latest read.  Books are recommended by the participants and voted on for the future month(s). The monthly meeting is hosted at a member’s home or at a local cafe.  

Bunco – Bunco is a fun and social dice game that is easy to learn.  If you can roll dice, you can play Bunco.  This is a game that does not need skill, just a fun attitude, an appetizer, snack or dessert and $10.00.   Hosted in a volunteer’s home each month, it is a fun evening meeting new people, sharing stories with other moms, eating, maybe having a glass of wine, and the lucky winner(s) will go home with some money.

Mommies’ Time Out – Enjoy a day or night out on the town! Mommies’ Time Out is scheduled monthly on different days, depending on the event. This is a chance to get together with other ladies, and not have to listen to someone calling, “Moo-OOOOM!” over and over! Come, meet new mamas, and reconnect with friends, at the various events that are planned throughout the year.

Don’t see a group you like? You are welcome to volunteer to create and lead one! We are always open to new ideas!

In the past, different subclubs have included cooking, hiking/fitness, Pinterest/crafts, etc!